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Jason is a promiscuous football jock who loves girls and partying. He is played by Daniel DeSanto.

He is a student at North Shore High School. He is part of the varsity jock clique. Two days before the first day of school he went to a party at Regina George's house, with Gretchen Wieners.

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Although he seems to be Gretchen's boyfriend, he does go to the Old Orchard Mall and Cady Heron's get-together with Taylor Wedell. Karen Smith says he does this to make Gretchen jealous, which may work as Cady walked in on them together in the bathroom.

On the first day of school he tells his best friend that "It only counts if you saw a nipple." Jason also asks Cady if her 'muffin is buttered' on the first day of school. This causes Regina to diss him and tells him to shave his back and leave. Jason is known as a skeez to the Plastics. Jason also refers to Cady as hot, maybe even hotter than Regina.